Equipment Rentals

TLP provisions audio equipment and complete systems for live DJ and Band soundstage, including lighting effects to accommodate all types of events, corporate functions, including trade shows. We utilize high quality audio equipment and accessories that meet or exceed industry standards. These consist of amplifiers, speakers (powered and passive), Mixing boards, DJ mixers (rotary and slides), Speaker management systems, equalizers, limiter/compressors, isolators, digital and analog effects, turntables, and CD players. Our lighting consists of moving heads, par fixtures, mirror balls and video projection. Most of the setups can interface directly with computers. All equipment items can rented as part of a package or independently.


Event Management

TLP has worked in this capacity for many years managing global projects for clients… We will obtain client requirements, acquire and select venues, perform site surveys, identify & facilitate needed services, engage in problem solving or leverage our vast network of subject matter experts to resolve issues or concerns to meet customer support needs. Lastly, and most importantly; translate client event requirements into realistic goals and expectations resulting in success.


Project Studio

TLP has comfortable facilities conducive to music creation, beat making and track formation. The studio is equipped with an isolation booth for vocalists and musicians. We utilize professional large diaphragm condenser microphones paired with vacuum tube preamps. We can support most computer OS programs leveraging both MAC and Windows platforms. We currently utilize audio application software such as Logic, Cakewalk, Reasons, Pro Tools, Acid, and Ableton.


Home Audio Installation

TLP has practical experience in home theater audio and video setup. We can install wired or wireless speaker systems, configure AV receivers for distinct listening and viewing modes, mount HDTV’s and gaming consoles. All while tuning your systems components to work seamlessly together, using a single remote control unit. You just compile a budget and we’ll do the rest to get you into a system that will meet your entertainment needs.