The Principal owners of ToneLove Productions are Tony Rinaldo and Steven Rinaldo.

Tony Rinaldo (aka toneluva)

top_aboutTone, has been a fixture in New York City’s Underground Dance scene since the early 70’s. He’s a graduate of New York University’s MIS Program, obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Enterprise Systems Management…

He spent roughly 30 years tinkering with technology while working in several key global management positions on Wall St. During his tenure at these prestigious firms and Fortune 500 companies; He led these organization’s advancement in the computer age, migrating systems from one platform to another… Integrating “State of the Art” technology to keep pace, or gain competitive advantage within the banking and brokerage industry.
Today, he applies these skills, lessons learned, and practical experiences to his current role in managing and delivering services for ToneLove Productions Inc.

During his early years, he developed a passion for music… at the ripe age of 12 he began taking trap drum lessons at Manna House Workshops in East Harlem, NYC.
Under the watchful eye of world renowned drummer, Kenwood Denard, he developed his percussion chops… Later on he was mentored by neighborhood musicians and bandleaders such as Joe Bataan, Johnny Colon, Gil Scott Heron, Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band, Bobby Rodriguez, Joe Hamm, Rodney Jones, and the Wright Brothers (Herman and Paris). Tony sat in on sessions when the drummer couldn’t make the rehearsals… He went on to play drums for his High School band during his junior and senior years at Julia Richman in the mid to late 70’s as part of the Talent Unlimited Program.
Shortly thereafter he began to expand his musical acumen through his collection of vinyl records. He soon, with the help of friends and family purchased his first mobile stereo sound system and began to share these musical treasures… Performing as a disc jockey at local neighborhood parties, clubs, block parties and outdoor events throughout the greater NYC area.
His early DJ influences were Joe Palmentieri and Ernie Dunda (Starship Discovery), David Todd (Joisance), George Wheeler (Cork & Bottle), Ray “Pinky” Velasquez (Ipanema) and John “Jellybean” Benitez (Townhouse 48).
Soon thereafter following notable selectors such as David Mancuso, Nicky Siano, Francois Kervorkian, Frankie Knuckles, Tony Humphries, Ted Courier, Tee Scott, Larry Patterson, Kenny Carpenter, and Larry Levan. Paying close attention to their varied playlists, and recognizing the production works of Tom Moulton, Patrick Adams, Walter Gibbons, Shep Pettibone and John Morales…
Today, Tone still remains an avid collector of music from the Disco era and Underground EDM. He continues to actively deploy mobile sound systems for the dance music industry from New York to Miami, producing quality events and recordings. Over the years, he has had the opportunity to work with several of the artists mentioned above, in both Live Event and Studio Production situations.




Steven Rinaldo (AKA DJ Steve Sire)

Steven Rinaldo aka “DJ Steve Sire” is an accomplished turntablist and disc jockey. He is a graduate of Five Towns College, obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education (Majored in Audio Recording Technology).
Steve Sire has been working the club scene diligently, gigging regularly at numerous venues in the NYC area. He is diversely talented; a gifted producer, skillful sound engineer, and an exceptional DJ. He has amassed an immense catalogue of R&B, House, and Reggaeton tracks and beats. Sire is extremely dedicated to the urban music scene .He brings renewed focus and energy to our productions and is actively concentrating efforts toward the support of artists, event promoters, and industry clients.
Together we have built a production team that is ready to serve the needs of the dance music industry. Our combined skills and practical industry experience will deliver the desired results for your studio project or live event.